Everest Greek Franchise

In 1965 the first everest store starts to operate in Athens. Within only a few years, everest have become an everyday habit for the citizens of Athens and a meeting point for gatherings early in the morning, between shopping and after a night out. In 1990 Everest SA is founded with a clear mission to expand its network of stores and to become the meeting point in every district of Athens. In 2000 everest opened its 100th store and since then it continues to penetrate new markets and strengthening the brand’s position as the leader in the Greek food service sector.

Everest Greek Franchise Franchise Requirements

Investment Cost
starting from 100.000€
Minimum space requirements
80 sq.m.
Additional requirements
exterior seating space
1st year 2%, 2nd year 4%, 3rd year depending on the area
Contract length
10 years
Franchisee involvement
desirable on a daily basis
Previous experience
Entry Fees

Application process

The required steps to acquire a franchise agreement are:

Expression of interest through the completion of the application form
Meeting with the Network Development Division of the Group
Finding and evaluating the retail point
Signing the Franchising Agreement
Design and construction of the store
Store opening

Application form

Application form

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