Leading Foodservice Chains

The Group engages in the development and operation of leading foodservice chains with a history in the Greek market and an international outlook.

Goody’s is the brand that introduced Greek consumers to the burger experience 40 years ago. It holds an extensive footprint with presence in all major Greek cities, airports, motorways and vessels. It is present in 4 countries. 

Everest is a leading brand in the Greek snack and coffee market that has been operating for over 50 years. The brand holds a large footprint in the city network market with central locations in Athens & Thessaloniki. It has also developed extensively in the travel industry.

Flocafe Espresso Room is one of the largest coffee chains in Greece and among the top 25 in Europe. FER holds an extensive footprint in the travel market, and it has expanded to a total of 6 countries among which are the Czech Republic and the UK.

A cozy, Italian casual dining chain offering value for money food addressed to all ages.  La Pasteria has a network of 16 stores.

Strategically positioned in 14 key locations of the national road network, Olympus Plaza Food Parks are designed to help make journeys on the motorways more relaxed and pleasant.